About VSteed

VSteed is a friendly project that brings together creators of creature products and lovers of creatures.  Horses, dragons, hounds and more.  Rideables, avatars, pets and more.

Creature creators:

  • May post notices about their new releases in the VSteed in-world group, social media groups and Vsteed Discord Server.
  • The Facebook Group posts automatically feed through to the website front page and photos from the Flickr group feed through to the website front page side bar.  Please include as much descriptive text as possible and appropriate links/SLURLs, no pictures will be shown.

Creature fans

  • May join in the in-world group to receive notices and also to seek peer support across multiple brands of creature creators.
  • May join the VSteed Discord server to see the latest creature releases and for peer support across brands and species.
  • May post pictures of creatures in the Flickr Group