If you create creatures for Second Life then you can make use of VSteed!  VSteed used to require creators to apply and be approved, but we’ve changed things up and now welcome all creature creators to make use of VSteed.

Acceptable creations:

  • Rideables
  • Avatars
  • Pets
  • Wandering creatures
  • Any species except humanoid (e.g. horses, hounds, dragons, snakes, elephants, gryphon, etc…..)

Creations that are not acceptable:

  • IP infringements
  • Stolen/copybotted
  • Humanoid

VSteed in-world group

Creators may post 1 notice per day to advertise their goods for creatures. Notices MUST be creature related – animals, tack, accessories, etc. Notices should be for new releases or promotions. Please do not just post the same ads again and again for your shop or old products – that will just make the group boring and people will leave. If you would like access to post in the group please contact one of the group officers. Anyone that abuses the notice posting by either posting more than once a day OR by posting irrelevant items will lose their posting rights.

General rules of the in-world group. The group is rated moderate. The number 1 rule is not to be an asshole. Do not talk crap about other people, other creators, etc. Be helpful, be polite, be nice. People found to be rude, offensive, unkind to others, or in any way deemed by the group officers to be “asshole behaviour” will lose the ability to chat and may be removed from the group.

VSteed Website

The website used to house galleries for approved VSteed creators.  We’ve changed things recently and now all creature creators may post their creations in the Facebook Group and the Flickr Group (according to the rules of those groups) and they will feed through to the website.  Other than that the website is largely just for info.  The really useful stuff happens in the social media feeds and the Discord server.

VSteed Social Media

There is a Flickr group for all your creature pics.

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

Rules for joining

The idea of VSteed is not just a place to show creature-related products in one place but also a group of creators who work and play nicely together.  We respect each other and sometimes we work together.  We do not bitch about other creators, criticize their products, decide to bring out a directly competing product, spread gossip or lies about people or brands.    We don’t flood the group, Flickr, Facebook with vendor adverts that will annoy people.  We DO treat people with respect – our customers, our fellow creators and fellow human beings.  We expect members to be respectful and polite to each other and to others.  Them’s the rules.

Dealing with rule-breakers

Creators who break the rules of the group (e.g. being an asshole or being unkind/defamatory/bitchy about others, selling stolen goods, etc.) will receive a warning.  Repeat offenders will be removed from VSteed channels.  This group is collaborative – if you can’t play nicely with others then you won’t be welcome.  Be nice, be honest, be cool.